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…made by hand, playable artwork, each one unique. “You gotta hear one”

I’m telling you, when you pick one up and start playing it, you won’t want to put it down. That’s just the way it is…You will find your self just strummin’ away to the bluesy drone so that it becomes almost hypnotic, and you’ll wonder where the time went.

My hand-made cigar box guitars are fully playable guitars that capture the authentic sound of that down home, front porch delta blues. Not just playable, but also a piece of art that looks just as good on your wall as it does in your hands. People will ask about it, wonder what it could possibly sound like….and that’s when you take it down and start strummin’. Your style and technique will get stripped down to the bare essentials. When you put a slide on your finger and start playing, the sound of the delta blues just comes out naturally. Even If you don’t play the guitar, the cigar box guitar is a piece of art in itself. It could look great in your smoking den or on any wall as a conversation piece. Custom orders for a guitar made from your favorite brand of cigar or for custom painted artwork are always welcome. I’ll create a piece of art for you that will truly be one-of-a-kind. Each piece hand-made and custom painted by Jason Farthing.

The ORIGINAL Finish-it-Yourself Cigar Box Guitar KIT…Complete WITH Neck…Still ONLY $55.00.

Cigar Box Guitar Kit

The ORIGINAL Finish-it-Yourself Cigar Box Guitar KIT Complete with neck with all cut outs and holes drilled.

cigar box guitar kit



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