Learn How-To build your own Cigar Box Guitar…

come out for a foot stompin' good time with The Budrows and then learn how to make a Cigar Box Guitar.

come out for a foot stompin’ good time with The Budrows and then learn how to make a Cigar Box Guitar.

This Saturday, June 29th, I will be hosting a demonstration on how to complete a Cigar Box Guitar made from one of my FINISH-IT-YOURSELF Cigar Box Guitar KITS.

The Farm Folk Festival in Anaheim will be a super fun day of Music, Workshops, food, drink, and great entertainment.

I will be playing music with my band The Budrows at 4:30pm on the main stage and then do the demonstration right after our set at 5:30pm.

For more details, please click the link below.


For Prime Cuts of Beef…you need a quality AXE

This axe is a real blues shredder. The three string acoustic is…loud…swampy…MEATY! Artwork to make the most grizzled butcher cry, and that bluesy tone that brings a tear to your eye. A nice guy in Southern California is wailing on this one right now,…unless he’s eating. SOLD

Prime Cuts, cigar box guitar

Prime Cuts of Beef neck detail, three string cigar box guitar custom fret markings


Five piece Chicken Dinner…finger pickin’ good.

This three string with Chicken diagram painting, sounds every bit as good as it should…it is a nicely voiced acoustic, with a swampy sound indeed. The art hangs on the wall or plays in your hands equally as well….plus, a chicken dinner? sounds good to me.

five piece chicken dinner neck detail cigar box guitar  Butcher cut series, five piece chicken dinner five piece chicken dinner, butcher cuts Five piece chicken dinner


Livin’ High on the Hog…three string cigar box guitar

High on the Hog 

High on the Hog High on the Hog

This piece was part of a series of cigar box guitars I did with a “butcher cut” theme. This was a short scale (22″), three string acoustic with a ‘do, re, mi’ fret marker layout. I off-set the neck from center a bit to give a little different dynamic since the cigar box itself was a square. SOLD


Old Box, New Diddly-bow…

I found this old Santa Fe cigar box at an antique store and thought it would be just perfect for a one string diddly-tar, or as they call it, a diddly-bow. I stamped in the DO, RE, MI, FA, SO, LA, TI, DO…for the fret markings…so you can easily play “Mary had a little lamb”, or “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”….classic. FOR SALE


The best $99 bucks I ever spent…

I started to make this line of guitars a couple of years back to give the customer an entry-level cigar box guitar that would get them playing and keep them interested, but also keep some money in their pocket too. I call these the “Plain Jane” and the “Bare Bones”, both types are acoustic three string guitars with poplar neck, chrome tuning hardware, found object accoutrements, and come stringed up ready to play with a custom glass bottle neck slide. I also throw in The Budrows digital download of “100% foot stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll”, as well as a couple of stickers. Click here for availability.

Guitars, not Cancer…Music Heals.

IMG_0327 IMG_0328

This custom piece went to a benefit auction and was snatched up quickly. The painting is the wife of a good friend of mine, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and this guitar went to help with the cost of her growing medical bills. Music makes her feel better, hence the quote on the neck, “music heals”, amen.