The Guitars I play in The Budrows…

Here are the guitars that I currently play or have played in The Budrows live shows. All are electric, with either a piezo, or a single coil, or both.

Gurkha with lipstick pick-upThe first one is my “go-to” guitar, it’s got a lipstick pick up and skinny banjo-type fret wire…I use it a lot.

One-String diddley-tar with single-coil pick-upThe second is my One-Stringer, this is the one I use for our song, “Livin’ Sin”…it’s got a single coil turned sideways and sounds mean!!!

Gold Cohiba with toothpick fretsThe next in line has a piezo pick up and toothpick frets, it was one of my first builds and I just retired it in 2012, it saw a lot of music.