The best $99 bucks I ever spent…

I started to make this line of guitars a couple of years back to give the customer an entry-level cigar box guitar that would get them playing and keep them interested, but also keep some money in their pocket too. I call these the “Plain Jane” and the “Bare Bones”, both types are acoustic three string guitars with poplar neck, chrome tuning hardware, found object accoutrements, and come stringed up ready to play with a custom glass bottle neck slide. I also throw in The Budrows digital download of “100% foot stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll”, as well as a couple of stickers. Click here for availability.

If you MAKE it, they will come…

The First Annual Mini Maker Faire (little brother the MAKER FAIRE, of MAKE Magazine Fame) last year in Irvine was such a great success, that they are doing it again this year in the summer of 2013. I had a booth of my hand-made cigar box guitars on display, as well as a hands on display for people to try them out for themselves…and to top it all off, LIVE music from us, The Budrows, to show people the foot stompin’ Delta Blues sound that these guitars are capable of. I did a limited edition series of 4 guitars with the Maker Bot Logo on them just for the faire. All in All, a great day…Can’t wait to do it again this year.

$99 cigar box guitars, come with a Slide, Stickers, and Download of The Budrows, “100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll.

These are my $99 cigar box guitar that come with a custom bottle neck slide, Digital Download of The Budrows, 100% Foot Stompin’ Cigar Box Rock n’ Roll, and a couple of stickers…You’ll be playing in no time. Click Here for Availability