How to…

Looking to do-it-yourself…you have come to the right page. Here you will find video tutorials on making a bottle neck slide as well as making your own cigar box guitar from the Finish-it-Yourself KIT available through this site. Have Fun.

Make a Bottle Neck Slide:

This is The Easiest way to make an Authentic Bottle Neck Slide…you can use any type of bottle using this method and get great results with very little effort.


Build a Cigar Box Guitar KIT:

Here is theĀ Instructional Video that you can follow along with as you build your “Finish-it-Yourself” Cigar Box Guitar KIT, (available here). If you are building your own guitar, you can use the info in the video to help you through your build. If you have any questions, please reach me through my Contact Page.

Happy Building.

Electrify Your Cigar Box Guitar – Make it electric and make it heard!!! ONLY $15.00

It doesn’t get any easier than these Dual Piezo pickup discs with peel and stick self-adhesive, volume and tone controls, and all prewired to a 1/4″ inch input jack. Electrify your playing and get that raw, swampy sound from your cigar box guitar. You can also easily electrify your ukulele or mandolin,…even your washtub bass or washboard, heck, use it for a stomp box!

*Use a 5/16 inch drill bit for the volume and tone controls, and a 3/8 inch drill bit for the input jack. Peel and stick the discs inside your guitar and you’re done. Easy.
Pro tip: use a layer of hot glue to seal up the pick up to reduce outside noises.

Order Online at Etsy (click here)