…make an authentic bottle neck slide

This is The Easiest way to make an Authentic Bottle Neck Slide…you can use any type of bottle using this method and get great results with very little effort.

I’m NOT Kidding….It’s Super Easy…here’s how you do it.

If you prefer to read the instructions…Here you go:


You need to pick out a wine or beer bottle that fits your finger (ring or pinky) and has the right shape for a slide. It seems that mostly red wine bottles have the nice straight sides that I’m looking for, but it’s up to you. Take off any foil that may be around the neck.


Drink the liquid out of the bottle…mmmmmmmmm. (my favorite step)

STEP 3: This is THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP and may require a bit of practice to get it right.

Safety glasses on, Check!

Get a glass cutter, Place the bottle against a firm surface, I make a quick 2×4 jig to rotate the bottle against, hold the glass cutter in place, rotate the bottle to score the neck. IMPORTANT: Score all the way around (only once). I repeat…Only Once. This will weaken the glass and determine where the bottle will ‘snap’ off.


You will need a pot of boiling water and some ice water, both containers should be deep enough to allow the neck of the bottle to be submerged up to the line that you scored into the glass.


Submerge the neck of the bottle, alternating between the boiling water and the ice water. Keep it in each one for 30-60 seconds (you will hear the glass crack). It should break off in one of the pots of water. If you hear the crack sound and it does not break, you can use the little ball end of the glass cutter to tap around the score to get it break off.


Get some sandpaper and smooth off the cut edge a bit, you can start with coarse and end up with fine, or you can use the sidewalk or the garage floor for the authentic look.


Good luck, be patient and you’ll get some nice slides.

Beer Bottle Slide