The Budrows

The BudrowsThe Budrows first started when Jason began building cigar box guitars as playable artwork. As these guitars were displayed in art galleries, people never understood that the guitar itself was actually playable, so Jason became a one-man-band, playing his cigar box guitar along with a kickdrum and a tambourine to show off the bluesy sound of the home-made instrument. Jason’s step-daughter Macarena stepped into the lead singer role and the two started to write songs together, and they played many shows throughout Southern California for two years as a blues duo.

After one of The Budrows shows in the summer of 2010, they met Jesse, one of Jason’s wife’s Spanish students, and he expressed interest in jamming some guitar with Jason and left his number. Jason called him up, went over to his pad, (it turns out he lived on the next street over) and started messing around with some guitar. Jesse pulled out a flute (weird) and played along, Jason asked “what else can you play?”, Jesse responded with, “I used to mess around on the harp a bit”….(insert light bulb above Jason’s head here)…short story even shorter, Jesse threw in some growly harmonica licks, stared showing up to jam at some gigs, and eventually became and integral part of the stripped down three-piece line up that is The Budrows.